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Growing up healthy and safely. We all want this for our children! This is why the Centre for Children and Families (CJG) sees children and their parents or carers at regular intervals. This starts as early as during pregnancy, for example by vaccinating expectant mothers for whooping cough. We will then follow your child from birth until he or she is 18 years old to see if he or she is developing well. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions as we know how challenging it is to raise a child and how many questions parents have. We would be pleased to talk to you about your child!

What is the CJG?

The Centre for Children and Families – Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin in Dutch – is the place for parents, carers, children and youth to come with questions about raising children, growing up and health. No question is too crazy for us! Our paedia- tricians, paediatric nurses, medical assistants, pedagogues, and other specialists are there to give you advice and support. Together with you, we can create the best circumstances for your child to grow up healthy and safely. Read this folder to see what else CJG can offer.

Together under one roof!

One of the CJG’s advantages is that we are a one- stop-shop of specialists. If you have questions about baby food, about your toddler’s development or how to deal with puberty, just contact us! We will help you find the right answers or find the right specialist for you.

A warm welcome

As soon as you know that you are pregnant, you are welcome to contact us. We work with midwives, hospitals and maternity services. During your pregnancy, we will invite you for a vaccination for whooping cough. The municipality will notify us when your child is born. We will then contact you to arrange a meeting shortly after the birth. It is your choice if you wish to use this service or not.

From baby to adolescent

Until your child turns 18 years old, you will receive regular invitations from us. The appointment is then at your home, at a CJG branch or at school. A list of the points in time that we meet from babyhood to adolescence is available on our website, (in Dutch). What you and your child can expect from the meeting is given for each age group. Where necessary, we also give some tips for preparing for the meeting.

Apart from the regular meetings to which we invite your child, you can always contact us for a personal conversation or attend events such as theme meetings, courses or remote courses. You may also see us in your neighbourhood, such as in community centres, at playgrounds or at sports clubs.

‘It is reassuring to immediately get answers to my questions’

- Janneke Leewenstein, mother of Demi

A jab? There’s nothing to it!

Government Vaccination Programme

Allchildren and pregnant women in the Netherlands can be vaccinated free of charge for a number of serious contagious diseases. This is done through the Government Vaccination Programme (Rijksvaccinatieprogramma). Vaccinations protect your child from highly contagious diseases that could have serious consequences, especially for young children. These diseases include measles, whooping cough or meningococcal disease. Vaccinations do not only help your child, they help boost group immunity against these diseases. They reduce the risks of very young children, who are too young to be vaccinated, catching these diseases.

We invite your child to have the vaccinations in the Government Vaccination Programme. We consider it important to vaccinate children, but you may decide for yourself if you want to use this service or not. If you have any doubts, please consult us so that you can take the decision that best suits you. More information is available on our website (in Dutch).

What is your experience with the CJG?

We would like to help you in the way that feels right for you and to give you what you need. To help us do this, we would like to carry out a customer satisfaction survey. We will email questionnaires at random after we have had contact with you. You can also share your experiences, ideas or com- plaints with us via feedback (in Dutch).

Parents’ portal

If your child was born after 1 January 2012, you can see or change the personal data of your child, see his or her growth curve and see when the next appointment is in the parents’ portal. Go to (in Dutch) and log in using your DigiD.

Your data is safe

Our professionals are subject to confidentiality. This means that we do not discuss anything with others. We only share information with other organisations or third parties with your permission. Should there be any extenuating circumstances, the law allows exceptions to be made. For more information about privacy, see our website.

‘We would be pleased to talk to you!’

- Daniëlle, Service & Contact Coordinator

Contact with the CJG

You can contact us outside our regular points of contact. Contact us in whatever way is comfortable for you. There is always a CJG close to you and there are several ways to contact us online.